New Updates

Dear Team,

We are Pleased to Inform You that In 2024 Edition of ESVC, We having 4 categories- ESVC Engineering, ESVC 3000, ESVC Autonomous and ESVC Junior.

Following are the Registration Guidelines:

  • One College can register for Any one segment or All the segments as well, But the Team members of both teams must not be same.
  • Total Registration Fees
    ESVC Engineering – INR 35,000 (including taxes)
    ESVC 3000 – INR 75,000 (including taxes)
    ESVC Autonomous – INR 30,000 (including taxes)
    ESVC Engineering + Autonomous – INR 40,000 (including taxes)
    ESVC Junior – Yet not confirmed (including taxes)
  • Team needs to pay the registration fees within 10 Days of registration to confirm the slot. For more details contact at +91-7428723984
  • International Teams registrations window will be open from 1st Jan 2024.
  • Team Alteration will be allowed up to 10 members per team before Virtual Round.
  • Mentorship Program and Pre Virtual Rounds will be conducted in the month of December 2023 to Jan 2024.
  • Final Event will be conducted in the Month of Jan 2024 (Final Date will be announced after considering academic exams and permission from local administrations).


Note – ESVC Engineering Team can also participate in ESVC Autonomous by making the vehicle as per regulation set by the organizing team and vice versa.

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