Asia’s Biggest Solar-Electric Car Design Competition for School

(A chain event of International Solar Car Federation)

ESVC-JUNIOR is a National level solar energy education program and championship for 6th – 12th standard school students. Student teams design, build and race high performance solar powered remote controlled cars. ISIEINDIA organizing this event at various regional centres of college for approximate 10000 school teams with at least one teacher/mentor in a team for the common vision to prepare students for future from the beginning. The regional winners will compete in final.

Event Impact:

As per the previous brochure

  • Solar Car shows the general public in an exciting way that renewable energy sources have actual applications. In many countries around the world solar cars gets quite a bit of media attention, especially at World Solar Challenge Australia.

  • People actually see that a vehicle with a few square meters of solar cells can travel at motorway speeds for extended periods of time. It might give some people just that little push to have solar panels installed on their roof.

  • Besides this effect People also start adopting the Electric Vehicle and other sustainable mobility solutions.

  • Youths are getting the innovative platform to innovate, design and manufacture Solar-Electric Car and also hands on skills. All solar-Electric Car teams consist of students; these students carried hands-on experience with ultra-efficient vehicles and renewable energy with them when they graduated and move into the business world. Many ended up in the automotive or renewable energy industry and their solar vehicle experience encouraged and enabled them to make the cars of the future just that much more efficient. Some went on to start their own companies in the field of renewable energy, sustainable transport and influenced other people that way. We sincerely believe that all these effects of solar- Electric Vehicle Competition will have a non-trivial positive effect on the adoption of Electric Vehicles, renewable energy sources throughout the world.

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