We have started this event with aim to produce affordable commercial solar vehicle and solar technology for our society, especially for middle class. After ESVC ’17, we are moderately happy with development by innovative engineers. I would like to praise to our Innovative future engineers from 19 states of India.  This year, we are also had multi-seated solar car. Our objective behind this is to give momentum for technological advancement for e-mobility. This event have been meeting grounds for industry and academia leaders and professionals driving change the world and it was exciting to see their innovation and design for ESVC.
I’m pretty sure that our innovative engineers always improving and capable enough to provide such concept that can be used for commercial vehicle electric-Solar vehicle. I would like to thanks and congrats to all innovative participants of ESVC. Even our government has taken this seriously and the future of green cars in India depends on National electric Mobility Mission plan 2020.ESVC giving innovation and technological advancement to e-mobility sector that is the new shape of automotive industry. On the other hand ESVC is big opportunity and platform for future engineers.
Hon’ble Energy Minister of India (MNRE) Shri Piyush Goyal said “We are going to introduce electric vehicle in big way. We are going to make electric vehicles self-sufficient like UJALA. The idea is that by 2030, not a single petrol or diesel car should be sold in country”.  But the biggest challenge within the industry is consolidation and worldwide competition and another challenge is skilled engineers who can develop and work for e-mobility and give competition in market.

ISIE-ESVC will play a big role to complete mission 2030, we are creating Environment, Skilled Engineer and Innovation. We are all up to the challenge and have been counselors of “Productive growth”. I would like to invite to all come forward to participate for this national mission and be part of this in generous as participants, Sponsors, Adviser, etc.



Founder & President-ISIEINDIA