ISIEINDIA Launched India’s First Electric Solar Car Autonomous Competition – ESVC Autonomous

Noida, 02nd December 2023

Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers (ISIEINDIA) on 2nd December 2023 launched India’s First Electric Solar Car Autonomous Competition – ESVC Autonomous. One of its kind, first competition for engineering students across India which promotes skills and innovation leading to an opportunity for engineering students and institutes to work on Autonomous Vehicle, ADAS System and Connected Technologies.

The launching ceremony of the event took place virtually in presence of eminent speakers and guest from top automotive industries, academic institutions and media partners. It was graced by the presence of Mr. Vinod Gupta (Founder and President, Imperial Society of Innovative Engineers), Mr. Munirathnam Javaji (Founder and CEO, Javaji M Consulting Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Venugopal Rao Nellutla (Vice President – Sales and Marketing, Olectra Greentech Ltd), Mr. Sameer Jindal (Director – Cost Optimization, VAVE, and MG Nurture, MG Motor India Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Varaprasad N (Technical Director – ADAS, Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd), Mr. Ramesha B S (Head – Academic Initiatives, Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd), Dr. Marek Vanzura (Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, George Mason University, US), Mr. Shapur Kotwal (Deputy Editor, Autocar India), Prof. Sorabh Lakhanpal (Professor and Sr. Dean – Division of Student Welfare, Lovely Professional University, Punjab), and Prof. (Dr.) Gurmeet Singh Swag (Dean – Dept. of Student Welfare, Chandigarh University, Punjab)

The guests of the ceremony emphasize the importance of the initiative and how ESVC Autonomous will be going to contribute to the sustainable mobility.

Mr. Vinod Gupta in event addressing speech stated that the ESVC Autonomous is a need of the hour to enhance the skills of the students with respect to Autonomous Technologies and such initiative will create sustainable skills among the engineering students. Mr. Shapur highlighted key areas such as Racing, Autonomous Driving, Electric Vehicles, Solar Energy, and the competition is for ages and all academic institutions should be part of it. Further, Dr. Vanzura added that there is certainly extra ordinary things will come out of this competition which will be beneficial for both industries and education sector. Dr. Gurmeet said, we have witnessed the talents and innovation which students bring when we hosted ESVC in Chandigarh University.

Adding to this, Mr. Ramesha expressed the commitment of alliance to ESVC in advancing the completion and innovative issues and hiring the students from the competition, and Mr. Sameer Jindal also expressed MG India’s to support ESVC by offering various Seminar and Webinars to participants to get to know all the know-how of Autonomous Cars.


Mr. Varaprasad highlighted how the world evolving around Autonomous Vehicles and ESVC embraced the need of safer mobility and ESVC Autonomous opening big doors of opportunities and innovations and Mr. Venugopal Rao Nellutla emphasized it.  Further, Mr. Munirathnam added that this is a Nation Building Exercise and it will contribute to producing skilled engineers required by the Automotive Industries.


ESVC Autonomous launched with the Poster and Video Launch Ceremony by all the guests –


ESVC Autonomous is going to be a platform for the engineering students to push the boundaries of what’s possible and will ensure that the students are at high skills required by the industries especially in Autonomous and Electric Vehicles.

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