This class requires teams to build a single seated solar vehicle. The idea behind this being for a person to be able to go out on a solo ride. These will be fast and light in weight, creating an ultimate cruising experience for the riders, explorers, and adventurers who like to their car out and drive just for the immense pleasure that they get from that.
The idea is to encourage participants to build a solar powered machine which everyone would like to drive and take it out on a solo trip just because they want to.

For More details: Download Rulebook

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This class of vehicle is meant not only for the rider but more. The participants are supposed to build a solar-powered vehicle that can carry at least two occupants along with the driver.
The idea is to encourage participants to build a solar car not just for the rider but for their companion too. That one person or a group of persons that they would like to take on a trip.

For More details: Download Rulebook

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