International Conference

ON E-Mobility

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International Conference on E-Mobility is to be held under the aegis of Imperial International Journal, for participants/ researchers to exhibit the results of their investigations or research.
This event has been an integral part of ISIE-INDIA from this year in which we intend to explore the knowledge by the research papers from diverse backgrounds of science, engineering, humanities and management. These papers are evaluated by our experts and given a chance to present in the conference. There could be no better platform for the ingenious minds out there to showcase their intense knowledge and communicative skills to the audience in an intriguing manner through presentations. This is definitely one of the most enriching and interesting events of ISIE INDIA.

We are the most innovative platform in India for research on eco-friendly technology, from our event around 60 research papers have been published in International journal on Green Technology and alternative power sources.


[rd_lists_ctn style=”rd_list_2″][rd_list title=”Awareness” icon=”ty-pencil-2″]To spread the awareness and knowledge about E-mobility.[/rd_list][rd_list title=”Entrepreneur” icon=”st-email-2″]To encourage upcoming engineers and entrepreneurs towards E- Mobility.[/rd_list][rd_list title=”Research” icon=”st-graph”]Best platform for the students for researching on E-mobility.[/rd_list][rd_list title=”User Friendly” icon=”st-battery-charging”]A profitable user-friendly charging infrastructure for xEVs is missing in most parts of India. Yet it is urgently needed for the development of the Indian xEV-market.[/rd_list][/rd_lists_ctn]

Why E-Mobility?

Electro mobility, more commonly known as e-Mobility, encompasses all technologies, products, services and infrastructure that support and power all electric and hybrid vehicles. The e-Mobility industry, driving the future of transportation, is focused on developing efficient and safe offerings that will meet regional emission standards and consumer total cost of ownership (TCO) demands. Any industry that is moving forward quickly requires timely access to trustworthy guidance. Through this we want to encourage the students and society towards E- Mobility.

Services for e-Mobility industry, including testing and certification of electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure components and batteries.

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